Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Robert Burns - Scots Wha Hae

Robert Burns a great scottish patriot who has written so many patriotic songs and poems
This is one of his best SCOTS WHA HAE

Friday, 11 September 2009


Andrew Murray & William Wallace were joint leaders of the Scottish Army when they faced the invading english army at Stirling Bridge 11th September 1297. Andrew Murrays highland army fought beside William Wallaces army of lowlanders (Lowlanders including Wallace did not wear KILTS). No one knows who's idea it was but the scots devised a brilliant battle plan to allow only a few hundred english knights over the narrow bridge before they launched their attack. The invading army were taken by surprise and this became one of Scotlands greatest triumphs over the english. Andrew Murray however was badly wounded and died a few months later from his injuries.Murray did live long enough however to sign documents as joint leader of the scottish army with William Wallace. Some of these documents turned up in various parts of Europe advising that the invading army had been defeated and Scotlands ports were open again for business.